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50th International Liver Conference, Vienna, Austria

EASLSome research highlights from the European Association for the Study of the Liver’s 50th International Liver Conference, including a potential cure for hepatitis B virus infections, with a promising new treatment proving 100% successful in pre-clinical models and new hepatitis C virustreatment guidelines.

Potential cure for HBV
A potential cure for hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections, with a promising new treatment proving 100% successful in pre-clinical models.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/potential-cure-for-hbv/"]More[/link]

New HCV treatment guidelines
EASL released its latest hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment guidelines.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/new-hcv-treatment-guidelines/"]More[/link]

HCV combination therapies show promise
A number of new HCV combination therapies show promise.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/hcv-combination-therapies-show-promise/"]More[/link]

NASH has 50% higher death rate than NAFLD
A [b]British[/b] cohort of almost 1m people found that mortality from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), over a 14-year period, was approximately 50% higher than for those with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/nash-has-50-higher-death-rate-than-nafld/"]More[/link]

NAFLD promotes coronary artery calcification
NAFLD plays a role in the early stages of coronary atherosclerosis and can also promote the development of coronary artery calcification.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/nafld-found-to-promote-calcification-of-coronary-arteries/"]More[/link]

HCV increases cancer risk 'significantly'
Cancer rates in patients with HCV were significantly increased compared to the non-HCV cohort.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/cancer-risks-increase-for-hcv-patients/"]More[/link]

In-patient cirrhosis deaths plummet
The largest US sampling to date found 'dramatic improvements' in the survival of patients with cirrhosis and liver failure.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/in-patient-cirrhosis-deaths-plummet/"]More[/link]

HBV vaccination must be expanded
The universal infant hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination needs further expansion to significantly reduce HBV transmission and liver disease mortality.
[link url="http://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/hbv-vaccination-must-be-expanded/"]More[/link]

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