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Nine US states ask FDA to ban flavoured tobacco

The Attorneys General of nine American states have asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban flavoured tobacco products. They say the use of flavours and menthol in tobacco impedes them from reaching public health goals related to smoking.

​The Attorneys General of New York, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island sent a joint letter to the FDA, according to NACS– National Association of Convenience Stores.

“Based on the substantial evidence supporting the conclusion that flavours in tobacco products damage the public health and the scant evidence of any benefit derived from them, we urge the Food and Drug Administration to ban the use of flavours, including menthol, in all tobacco products,” the letter reads.

The letter cites that “flavours in tobacco products, including menthol” impeded states from attaining their public health goals because “flavours have an outsized attraction towards youth, have a disparate impact on minority populations, and, when present in e-cigarettes, have only a speculative positive effect on the rate of adult cigarette use”.

Earlier this month, NACS filed comments on FDA proposals that would limit the nicotine level in cigarettes and flavourings in tobacco products.

“A tobacco product standard on nicotine levels and flavourings risks expanding the illicit trade of tobacco in the United States,” NACS stated in its comments, adding that the federal government should enforce the tobacco regulations that currently exist and reduce the large problem of the illicit trade in cigarettes.

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