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Health Dept must pay after botched circumcision leaves man 'stressed'

South Africa’s Health Department has to pay a Kosi Bay man more than R500,000 after a botched circumcision left him emotionally and psychologically stressed. The Mercury reports that the order was granted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

According to court documents, the man was circumcised at Manguzi Hospital in Kosi Bay in August 2013. He was released the same day. However, he returned to hospital the next day after having experienced irritation and pain. He said that a nurse cleaned the wound and sent him home. He was later admitted back into hospital and had to have another surgery after he contracted gangrene.

The report says in a medical report compiled by Dr Leon Dumas, the man’s entire scrotum had been lost due to the infection and both testicles had been reinserted into the subcutaneous pockets of the medial thigh. The doctor also suggested that the man would be a good candidate for reconstructive surgery to the penis and scrotum.

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