Monday, May 29, 2023
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HPCSA registration fees have increased almost 40% in two years

The Health Professions Council has increased annual registration fees by almost 40% in two years and along with the Ombud and Health minister, it continues simply to ignore practitioner complaints, writes Dr Lynnette Pretorius.

It is a year since I sent you my letter to the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) regarding our exorbitant fee increase of last year. I haven't received a single response from either the HPCSA, the ombudsman for the HPCSA, or from the Minister of Health, regarding last year's fees.

And now, this time around, they have increased our fees with another 15% (only doctors and dentists). Last year, the fee for a general practitioner amounted to 21.65%, while the fee for specialists increased by 21.24%.

Many doctors have had a terrible financial year due to COVID. I, myself, lost 40% of my income. I really don't know how the HPCSA can justify such increases when the inflation rate is at 2.9% at the moment.

Kind regards
Dr Lynette Pretorius


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