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HPCSA: skeleton staff, online services and home working in response to Level 4

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has invoked its Business Continuity Plan to ensure business continues uninterrupted since the adjustment to alert Level 4 of the lockdown. There will be limited physical interactions at the HPCSA offices. This means only a skeleton staff will man operations there while the the rest of the employees will work from home. All online services provided by the HPCSA will continue unhindered, and practitioners and the public are advised to utilise them.

The following provisions have been made:

1.1 Evaluations will be conducted utilising a hybrid model and will include online/virtual evaluations. Physical evaluations will be conducted only when necessary, such as for evidence validation. These may be for a day, subject to approval by the respective professional boards, with COVID-19 regulations and protocols to be strictly adhered to.
1.2 Professional Board Examinations – practitioners who require physical assemblage, for example in an examination centre, are/will be conducted, subject to approval by the boards.
COVID-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to. Where possible, online/virtual board examinations will be conducted, subject to approval by the respective boards.

2.1 registration applications can be dropped-off at the HPCSA main building at the drop-off box.
2.2 Preferably, applicants and practitioners should access online services and upload applications through the portal accessible from
2.3 Duplicate registration certificates and proof of renewal of registration may also be downloaded from the link provided above.
2.4 The verification of medical reports for practitioner required by members of the public for travel or work purposes are a requirement by most embassies and some employers. This service will still be provided.
2.5 All renewal of registration shall be done online. Practitioners are advised to refrain from coming to the HPCSA offices.
2.6 All fee payments should be conducted online or through bank transfers using the payment banking platforms.

3.1 Complaints can be lodged via the HPCSA website using the following steps:
Step 1
Go to the HPCSA website: Step 2
Go to the Legal and Regulatory Panel and click on the dropdown menu and click Complaints Handling
Step 3
Download the form, once completed and signed, e-mail the form to with all relevant supporting documents including your identity document.
Anyone who is unable to access internet facilities can visit our offices to collect the complaint forms for completion.
3.2 Meetings of Preliminary Committees on Inquiry are conducted virtually using MS teams.


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