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Northern Cape premier spends on new ambulances, not limos

New Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul has made good on his promise to cut spending on cars for his provincial executive, instead choosing to direct that money towards buying new ambulances for the province.

Polity reports that in his recent inaugural address, Saul stated that "cars for MECs will be purchased on basis of absolute necessity and by the approval of the Premier. All unused monies budgeted for new cars for MECs must be directed to the Northern Cape Health Department to augment the budget to purchase ambulances".

The report says the self-described servant leader, continued that, "we can't, as elected leaders continue to indulge in luxury sedans and SUVs whilst our sickly people are struggling to access ambulances".

"We are not here for blue lights and self-indulgence. All MECs to be appointed to this 6th Administration must understand that the opportunity to serve our people is an absolute honour, and not a stepladder to riches and fame.

"We are not royalty here, but ordinary and simple social and political activists."

[link url=""]Polity report[/link]

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